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Digital technologies are pervasively impacting every walk of life and every vertical industry. With a deluge of digital initiatives on the slate, the whole ecosystem is bracing for the challenge, and Healthcare is no exception.
Tomorrow’s technology could make hospitals look very different; with a key change being the move to patient centric and digitize the delivery of care. We embrace the innovations, powering the digital hospital and are committed to the enablement of “pathways to value”. Every product innovation in our portfolio strives to set a forward edge in digital health.

ePrognosis HIS

ePrognosis HIS offers enhanced patient care across the health continuum. It is built around the core of patient, clinical, diagnostic, operations, administration and revenue led services with a key focus on strengthening the interconnected healthcare ecosystem. ePrognosis supports both small clinics and large hospitals.
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LeadMe is a patient engagement device and a multi-channel patient experience system with a key focus on indoor navigation. It helps the patients to involve in managing their care records and enable interaction with the care provider. LeadMe is designed with IoT strategy, that influences patient perceptions related to the term of care by turning fragmented encounters into seamless patient experiences.
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RemindMe is a mHealth platform to monitor patient medication schedules, intake and assists provider/physician to actively monitor as well as participate in the patient’s medication adherence. As a modern technology, with the help of smartphones and wearables, providers can reach beyond the clinical setting to engage and help patients to get active through their care.
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ePrognosis LIS

ePrognosis LIS is a next level Lab automation system that automates the entire lab test process; right from investigation request to test result, with a key focus on execution and interpretation of pathology lab tests, and clinical liaison with all health care sectors. ePrognosis LIS specializations include Biochemistry, Hematology, Histopathology, Microbiology and Clinical Pathology.
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mPhleb, a smart mobile application for phlebotomists, to improve the quality of patient care by accurate patient sample identification. It increases the productivity of your phlebotomy by providing a road map starting from sample collection to report delivery. As the diagnosis and results are imperative for patient’s treatment, we provide a mobile point of care technology for the phlebotomy services.
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eDevice Manager

eDevice Manager is a fully configurable lab equipment interfacing solution, that can integrate with any LIS/HIS. eDevice Manager supports interface of both bidirectional and unidirectional lab equipment for automatic upload of lab results into ePrognosis, to reduce the adverse events. We are adept at interfacing various medical devices and lab analyzers with ePrognosis, ensuring a smoothly integrated system.
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